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The snow may have really messed with the dog. It had mostly disappeared yesterday, but Dewey is still trying to make it as longggg as possible between bathroom breaks. Yesterday he survived on just two trips outside all day! He is a bathroom ninja, but that is good even for him. When we try to get him to go out, he stands at the door, sniffing and staring and thinking about it for a while (and tonight in the downpour he just decided it wasn’t worth it and turned and ran to bed). Poor guy.

Dewey has also managed to develop another skin situation—this time in his ear (not very many new places left, frankly). We keep joking that he decided three weeks without a medical “situation” was too long. We’re not sure what is happening but he keeps getting these crusty things forming (different than the presentation of the vasculitis on his dome) that peel off. He doesn’t like us touching those areas, so it’s difficult to know what’s going on. We may be headed back to the dermatologist…

In other news:


Adding Steve’s back pack to the list of odd beds Dewey has selected:


Stalagmites and stalactites on our house:



Lots of snuggles during the Olympics: